Daily necessities Packaging Solution

Hipai Packaging System - an expert in tailor-made packaging solutions for you

From the smallest standard button cells to the large LED bulbs, whether it's double-layer or sandwich packaging, to more complex outer packaging, we can provide you with a customized packaging solution. Whether it is for stationery and hardware, or for the outer packaging of daily necessities, HiPai can provide tailor-made packaging solutions for you as an experienced manufacturer of packaging equipment.

From a single device to a modular packaging solution

Our professional team is happy to advise you on how to find the right packaging solution. Whether you need an intelligent blister packaging device or a complex modular packaging line – HiPai can provide you with a solution.
Especially for complex packaging requirements, we recommend that you choose the HP-500 series. Its fully integrated and optimized chain production process can not only significantly improve your work efficiency, but also flexibly respond to different needs, making the packaging equipment completely suitable for packaging. Your product adapts to your production space and logistics. After analyzing your individual needs, we develop the appropriate packaging solutions for you and support you throughout the process: from setting up the packaging process and automation technology to training your operations staff until you are commissioned device of. We can also provide you with a loading system and inspection solution – so that with just one hand, you can do all the functions you need to achieve your packaging solution directly at the same account manager of the packaging supplier.

Product quality from leading packaging equipment manufacturers

Since 1980, HiPai Packaging Equipment has been dedicated to organizing its specialists to complete customized packaging solutions. As a leading manufacturer of packaging equipment, the quality of our products and services is our greatest asset. Therefore, we use ISO-certified quality management standards to ensure that the quality of our products is stable and flawless. Our dedicated, highly trained staff has the relevant expertise, analytical and technical processing capabilities to provide you with the best advice and the perfect execution. The high standards of production and the quality of the packaging solutions ensure that our customers around the world are always completely satisfied with our products. Please believe in your own choice! We look forward to hearing from you!
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